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Virgin Mobile Wireless


Virgin Mobile wireless was at first an MVNO of the Sprint network but later it became a full subsidiary of Sprint. Virgin Mobile wireless is the most preferred prepaid carrier of young people because through Virgin Mobile prepaid pins, plans were made available to fit both heavy data users and heavy voice and messaging users. Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile wireless wants to encourage more people to use wireless prepaid services and to do that, it has come up with high-quality but affordable Virgin Mobile phone plans to make sure that it will be able to reach out to people of all kinds. To help you learn more about high-quality but low-cost service that Virgin Mobile wireless offers, listed below are some of the features that the attractive carrier boast of.

  • No activation charge
  • No annual contract
  • No credit check
  • Professional customer service
  • Convenient and low cost ringtones, wallpapers and games downloading – starts at $1 only
  • No roaming charge
  • International calls from 15 cents per minute
  • Voicemail, caller ID, and call waiting
  • Affordable Directory support - 411: for only $1.75 per minute, plus airtime

Virgin Mobile wireless has truly developed to offer convenience to Virgin Mobile prepaid pins users and to come up with the options that will perfectly adhere with the needs of users. It took advantage of the recent innovations to come up with the most affordable Virgin Mobile prepaid plans that offer topnotch services with the lowest prices.

Virgin Mobile beyond Talk Plans

This Virgin Mobile prepaid plan is especially great for heavy users of data and messaging. It only costs $35 per month but it can already allow users to enjoy unlimited data, unlimited messaging and 300 minutes of calls. These Virgin Mobile prepaid pins come in different denominations including $45 plan for 1200 minutes plus unlimited data and text and $55 plan for unlimited everything. 

Virgin Mobile PayLo Plans

PayLo plans from Virgin Mobile wireless offers the best deals for the frequent users of text, talk and data messaging services. Virgin Mobile prepaid pins users can choose among three PayLo plans, including the basic plan which charges $20 for 90 days using plus 20 cents per talking minute or $20 per month for 400 minutes. A $30 plan is also available for Virgin Mobile prepaid pins users that offers 1500 minutes for an entire month. 

You will have the best reasons to choose Virgin Mobile because of the plans that put the convenience of users above anything else. Reaching out to a wide client-base has its requirements and we ensure that the prices of Virgin Mobile prepaid services are affordable enough to become the choice of most prepaid users.

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