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NetZero Wireless Internet


NetZero Wireless Internet introduced a new 4G broadband Internet service that requires No Contract and even give subscribers the privilege to try NetZero wireless Internet 4G services for free.  It would really be difficult to resist the offer of NetZero because as it gives subscribers the freedom to make the choice, they show enough confidence on the quality of their services through the free trial they offer.


The NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband service has the services that stay at par with the wireless data services and devices offered by other cell phone service providers. Customers can choose a 4G modem using a $50 USB device for one computer or a $100 "hotspot" that can give up to eight Wi-Fi devices superb wireless connection.

To sum it up, NetZero Wireless Internet offers the following benefits:

  • No contract plans
  • Affordable $G services
  • Free WiMax Plan
  • No overage fees
  • Access to Clearwire’ s WiMax wireless broadband technology

NetZero wireless Internet works hard to fulfill the needs of their clients. The competition is high in the mobile broadband industry but through its high-quality services and its attractive plans, it would be so easy to attract clients on trying what NetZero Wireless internet has to offer.

Why Choose NetZero Wireless Internet?

NetZero Wireless Internet provides 4G Mobile broadband coverage and  high-quality plans at the most affordable prices. It allows choice on good selection of phones, and to top it all, NetZero wireless interrnet service offers all the convenience without requiring a contract. Subscribers are free from demanding commitments so plans can be changed any time you want!

NetZero Internet Plans

NetZero has a variety of plans to offer mobile broadband users. Choose among the NetZero Monthly 4G Broadband plans that suit your requirements best.

  • Free Plan – Enjoy 200 MB of data use per month for FREE!
  • Basic Plan – For only $9.95, you can enjoy 500MB data per month.
  • Plus Plan – Enjoy 1000MB or 1GB of data use for only $19.95 a month.
  • Pro Plan – This plan allows 2000MB or 3GB of data use for only $34.95 a month.
  • Platinum Plan – For only $49.95 a month you can use up to 4000MB or 4GB  a month.

All NetZero data plans require the purchase of the NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband Device. After doing so, you can start enjoying the plan features that were designed to met the requirements of mobile broadband users.

Join this attractive carrier to experience the 4G mobile broadband difference that Net Zero Internet offers!

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