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H2O Wireless

H2O Wireless Prepaid was formerly known as O2 Wireless. It is a prepaid GSM Mobile phone service that has nationwide operation in the United States under Locus Telecommunications. H20 prepaid wireless network is an MVNO of AT&T and by working with the leaders in the industry, it has managed to offer high-quality services with dependable coverage.

H2O Wireless

H2O Wireless has the unlimited plan which allows H2O unlimited pins users to use any AT&T phone on its pay as you go monthly plans which include a $60 plan for unlimited talk, text and 2GB of data or web with no contracts. The popularity of H2O unlimited pins increased as they allow H2O unlimited pins users to use their phone without modifying the software it uses.

Some of the features of H2O Wireless prepaid service include:

  • Free International Calling
  • No Contract
  • No Credit Check
  • Use your Phone

H2O Wireless Prepaid Plans

H2O Wireless

H2O Wireless prepaid plans offer 100 outgoing international SMS and unlimited incoming international SMS on H2O’s $40, $50 and $60 MONTH plans. A $25 plan is also available which allows you to create a plan of your own!

H2O Web Plans

H2O Web Plans has a variety of offerings including:

  • $15/day plan – This is perfect for light web browsing and email because of 3G speed. It also offers 5 hours of web access or 10,000 emails. domestic use only for a day, and 100MB of data use for internet access.
  • $30/week plan – This plan is most suitable for weekly users surfing at 3G. It comes with 15 hours of web access or 30,000 emails, domestic use for 7 days, and 300MB of data use to access the internet.
  • $50/month plan – This plan is best for everyday use which allows multimedia at 3G speed. It also offers 50 hours of web access or 100,000 emails, domestic use for 30 days, and 1GB of data use to access the internet.

H2O Bolt 4G

H2O Bold 4G Unlimited allows unlimited Internet access and, 4G Speeds without requiring contract or hidden fees. All these benefits are included in a plan that only costs $50/month.

H2O wireless prepaid wants to give clients to stay in charge on choosing plans to make sure that their requirements will be met. Affordability, 4G technology, and flexibility are just some of the features that will make you want to join an attractive carrier like H2O wireless prepaid.

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