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Cricket Wireless


Cricket Wireless wants to make sure that your requirements as a prepaid user will be valued. Cricket Wireless prepaid pin users will find greater satisfaction out of mobile use by taking advantage of the high-quality Cricket wireless prepaid services available without the expensive cost! Cricket Wireless

As a user of Cricket Wireless prepaid pins, you will be able to enjoy the advantages from sticking with a company that works from day-to-day to earn the loyalty of prepaid wireless users. Cricket Wireless prepaid even allows you to make a PERSONAL CHOICE in terms of finding a dependable prepaid wireless service to make sure that customers will be kept not because of binding contracts but because of the benefits that cricket prepaid wireless users are entitled to.

With Cricket wireless prepaid pins, you will be guaranteed to enjoy:

  • 3G high-speed network
  • No annual contracts
  • No credit checks
  • No extra fee for long distance calls
  • No hidden charges
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Affordable Roaming for only 25 cents per minute
  • Voicemail, caller ID, and call waiting
  • Directory support – 411: $1 per call; unlimited support with $3 per month
  • Download ringtones and wallpapers with 99 cents each at least

Cricket Wireless Prepaid Plans

Cricket wireless prepaid wants to give you the best mobile experience through the high-quality 3G coverage and affordable plans that it offers.

Monthly Plan

Cricket prepaid wireless has Monthly Plans that come in different denominations. From $35 to $55, you can already enjoy talk and text services as much as you want per month. The Monthly Plan also comes with unlimited multimedia text and data. To make it even more appealing, this monthly plan guarantees no extra charge for long distance call.  

Pay-As-You-Go Plan

This basic plan does not come in different denominations. Instead, it requires users of Cricket prepaid wireless pins to pay only $1 for a day of unlimited talking and texting using our prepaid wireless phone. Cricket has definitely made it easier for prepaid use to become more affordable for every individual.

At Cricket, you can be assured that customer-convenience is a priority. Enjoy the freedom to choose the prepaid wireless service that you prefer and get the respect as a user of Cricket wireless prepaid pins by getting nothing less than the services you deserve.

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