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Boost Mobile Wireless


Boost Mobile wireless is one of the most award-winning prepaid brands under Sprint. It offers nationwide service and reaches more than 281 million people, without requiring activation or long-distance fees.

Boost Mobile is preferred by many because it offers a selection of high-quality handsets from LG, Motorola, Research in Motion (RIM), Samsung, Kyocera and ZTE, which varies from entry-level to Android™ smart phone devices. Best of all, Boost Mobile wireless offers phones and services which can be availed with no long-term contracts.

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile wireless offers value like no other carrier can. Choose from the variety of Boost Mobile prepaid plans that meet your needs best.

Boost Mobile Prepaid Plans:

  • Monthly Unlimited – Boost Mobile Wireless consumers can enjoy unlimited talk, text, web, email and 411 from this plan for only $50 a month.
  • Android Monthly Unlimited – If you want unlimited talk, text, web, email, calls to 411 and access to over 600,000 apps, music, movies and more on Google Play™ for Android™-powered phones, this is the Boost Mobile prepaid plan for you.
  • Blackberry Monthly Unlimited – This Boost mobile wireless service is a hard working plan that is perfect for work and play. This is the ultimate unlimited plan that includes talk, text, web, email, 411 and BlackBerry Messenger for only $60 a month.
  • Blackberry Messenger Unlimited - For BBM enthusiasts, this is the perfect plan for you! With this Boost Mobile Prepaid Plan, you will be able to enjoy unlimited BlackBerry Messenger, talk & text for only $45 per month.
  • Talk & Text Unlimited – For Boost mobile wireless users who don’t need data, this plan is perfect as it offers Talk & Text for only $45 a month.
  • Daily Plans – Boost Mobile wireless also offers daily plans including daily unlimited, Android daily unlimited, Blackberry daily unlimited, per minute plans, and pay as you go plans.

All Boost Mobile plans are available without requiring contract on the Nationwide SprintNetwork.

The Advantages in Choosing Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile wireless subscribers get more value from this carrier because of the benefits that it offers. With Boost Mobile, users will be entitled to:

  • Shrinking Payments: Boost mobile prepaid allows clients to save from the plans they choose. Shrinking payments will lower your monthly payment by $5 for every 6 payments made on time.
  • Free Shipping: Boost Mobile wireless offers free shipping to any city in the United States without minimum requirement.
  • International Connection:  With Boost mobile, you will be able to enjoy unlimited calls to over 45 countries.
  • Hyper Speed: Enjoy fast 4G connection to enjoy unlimited talk, text, and web surfing at an affordable price of $55 per month.

Definitely, you will get more from Boost Mobile wireless service. Aside from the above mentioned features, there are other benefits that every wireless consumer will surely value including:

  • No annual contract and no credit check
  • Wide coverage
  • No roaming charge for calls within Boost Mobile network
  • Voicemail, Call Waiting, 3-way calling and Caller ID
  • Willing and skillful customer service
  • Roaming, messaging and international calling
  • Directory assistance – 411 and More: $1.29 per call, plus airtime

Boost Mobile prepaid offers nothing less than great value for wireless consumers through its Monthly Unlimited plans. It has also the outstanding features that made Boost Mobile the most preferred choice of every prepaid wireless user.

Quality and value that come with the greatest savings is an advantage that Boost Mobile prepaid offers wireless users!

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