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Prepaid Army Beta


Thank you for visiting the Prepaid Army website.  We are currently in our Beta stage of development and would love to hear from you regarding the design, functionality and usefullness of the site.  Please fill out the form to the right and give us suggestions on how we can improve.

Prepaid Army Mission: Visitors

Our website is intended to help our visitors find local cell phone stores that offer prepaid wireless, cell phone accessories, and cell phone repair in their area.

We also want to provide quality information regarding prepaid wireless service.  We want to help our visitors make an informed descision on choosing the best wireless service for them.

Prepaid Army Mission: Stores

Our website is intended as a tool for cell phone stores to be found online in their local area.

We want to give store owners a platform to showcase their business to potential customers.

We would love your feedback!

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  • Search Results Layout
  • Visual Design
  • Quality of Content
  • New Ideas?
Beta Feedback

 Help Make Us Great!

We want the most informative, up to date website about the Prepaid Wireless industry.  Please help us by giving us your feedback on what you would like to see on PrepaidArmy.com or how to improve what we already have.  Your opinion is very important to us...so please help.