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Add Your Store Location | Prepaid Army

How To: "Add Your Store" to the Prepaid Army

We will go into the step-by-step detail on how to add your store location profile to the Prepaid Army.  

Our guide has 2 sections:

  1. Step 1-5: Creating Your "Owner Profile"
  2. Step 6-19: Create Your "Store Location Profile"

PDF Download: Please download our guide on how to "Add Your Store" to the Prepaid Army.

1. Click on "Add Your Store" Link or Button

Add Your Store to the Prepaid Army

Click the above link or the button to the right to add your store to the PrepaidArmy.com directory.

2. Choose Which Option to Create Your Account

 Choose Account Option

Choose which way you want to set up your profile...create a “Directory account”, use your “OpenID 2.0 Account”, use your “Facebook Account”, or use your “Google Account”.

 3. Enter Your "Owner Profile" Contact Information

 Enter Owner Profile Contact Information

If you would like your “Owner Profile” contact information public please select the appropriate option.  Please add all the information you are comfortable with sharing with potential customers.  Customers love seeing who they are going to do business with...so we highly recommend adding as much information as possible.

4. Your "Email Address" is Required


Your email address is required to sign up with the PrepaidArmy.com.

5. Click "Advertise With Us" and View Our Option

 Advertise With Us

Click on “Advertise With Us” then choose which account level you want to sign up for.  Click on all three options to see the differences between the levels.  When you have selected the appropriate level please click on “Sign Up”.

 6. Select Layout and Level

 Select Layout and Level

Select the “cell phone store” layout (location type).  Then select the level of your choosing. Since you are already signed in then choose “Use this Account” and then click “Next”.

7. Verify "Location Level" and Click "Submit"

 Verify Location Level

 Please verify you have selected the correct information and then click “Submit”.

 8. Add Location Title and Contact Information

 Add Location Title

Please add your “Location Title” (required).  Make sure your business name is spelled correctly, spaced correctly and capitalize the first letter of each word.

Also, make sure you use your local phone number.

 9. Add Your Complete Address

 Add Complete Address

Please verify your official address with the USPS and enter your complete address in the Location section.  Don’t worry about the Latitude and Longitude because our system will automatically generate the correct information here.

 10. Map Tuning: Make Adjustments to Your Location Map

 Adjust Your Map PIN

Make sure your location “Pin” on the map is in the correct location and is clearly visible.  This is the map that will show up on your location page.

 11. Add Images, Video, and Other Media

 Add Images

Please add as many images as your level allows.  Images are very important to the success of your location listing.  Videos and other media will also help you stand out from your competition.

12. Choose File, Upload, and Edit Images

 Edit Images

Please “Choose File”, “Upload” and “Edit” each image.

 13. Add Captions to All Images

 Add Captions

Please add “Captions” to all images for maximum visibility.

 14. Add Thumb Caption and Image Caption

 Add Image Caption

Be very descriptive in explaining what is on the image.  Make sure you copy the caption on both lines.  One for the thumbnail and one for the full size image.

 15. Verify Caption

 Verify Caption

You will see the caption below the uploaded image.

 16. Add Summary Description, Description, and Keywords

 Add Description

Please fill out your descriptions in as much detail as possible.  The more information the better.  Enter your keywords here to help your location pop-up when customers search on the website.

 17. Add Hours and Locations

 Add Hours and Locations

Please enter your business hours and detailed location information.

18. Select the Appropriate Categories

 Select Appropriate Categories

Please use this section to add your store to the appropriate categories.

 19. Enter Promotional Code

 Enter Promotional Code

 If you have been supplied with a Promotional Code then please enter it here prior to clicking “Submit”. Your Profile Has Been Submitted for Approval.